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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm gonna be doing a contest in the future!

if you wanna "participate" then leave a comment, or if I leave a comment on your blog asking if ya wanna be apart of the contest then you can leave a comment replying yes or no

this contest is for:

best artistic blog
most interesting blog
funniest blog
most gadgets and widgets on their blog

second best artistic blog
second interesting blog
second funniest blog
second most gadgets and widgets on their blog

once I do the contest I'll announce the winners in another post

flash back!

ahhh yes, I remember the good ol' days lol

like the time me and my BFF were dissecting worms. we'd stick needles in them and let them dry in the sun and with some of them we'd make sushi, and the rest we'd hang them with needles in them. and THEN we saw a big weird bug so we painted it all colorful and put it in a box and kept it died eventually....

we were very abnormal girls.....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

one of those days..

ya know those days where you just trip and get smacked in the head and you bump your arm and people are meanies and all? well that's EXACTLY what happened today

so the day started off well.....or so I thought. as soon as I headed out the door I tripped on the stairs. then I tripped again on the porch chairs. and I had to HURRY cause the bus was waiting for me so I tripped AGAIN on the sidewalk and started bleeding and had to run back inside where I had a little mini trip back up the porch stairs. mommy gave me a band aid and drove me to school and as soon as she drove away I realized she put a care bear band aid on! right on my elbow!! so then people were like "HA HA! you like them giant bears?" and then at the end of the day it started raining and I forgot my jacket so I had to run in the rain cause my mom forgot to pick me up. then I darnedit TRIPPED again into the MUD and a little boy with brown eyes (soooo cute) came over with a lollipop he woddled over and I thought he was gonna help me. nope. he went "HAHA! STUPID LADY GIRL FELL IN THE MUD!" and TRIED to push me back in but of course he wasn't strong enough lol

so I ran more and got in the house and soon as I walked the middle of the floor.....was me an evilll stare.....when she started moving closer to me I panicked and RAN up the stairs to my room and YUP! tripped AGAIN!

well at least THAT days over

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

stalker kitty

so today I forgot to feed fluffernutter lumpkins, so I was feedin him and he looks right up at me.....and not the cute adorable way.......the silent.....stalker.....way.

so I went upstairs and just watched TV, when I thought something jumped up on the back of the chair I turned around and nothing was there......then later I turned around and he was STARING RIGHT AT ME!! (dun dun dunnn)

then I got up and he started following me! then I started running and then HE started running!! I put my arms in the air and started SCREAMIN! (bet my neighbors think I'm weird...not like they already do)

I actually RAN outside because kitty puffball was an inside kitty....then he went up the stairs just a little so he could see me through the door......starring at me.....

then I panicked and called my mom at work and I was like "momm........fluffypuff is stalking me.....and...."sniff"......I'm SCARED mommy I'm SCARED!"

and she was all "did you feed em?" (I could TELL she was rolling her eyes I could just TELL)

"I just did"

and then my mom said "did you feed em the RIGHT food?"

"yeah fancy feast"

and my mom was like "no no no he likes Iams turkey medley, he thinks since it's real chunky that's a living and breathing thing"

"oh......" I looked back at Mr. fluffyduvy and he meowed through the glass door

so yeah, that solved THAT problem("I am not pleased with your imbecile mistake")

Monday, November 16, 2009

hints and moms

so today I was just playin with my fluffypot kitty ("I dun't know where to look so me lookin everywheres at same tyme")

and my mom came in and was all "uuhhhhh I am tired, you know what I want for christmas? a massage chairs. thats what I'd like"

and then the next day she walked over when I was doing my homework and was all "you know, one of those massage chairs I'd really like for christmas. I'm sooo tired." and left

the NEXT day I was talking on the phone with a friend and my mom came in and I said goodbye and she was all "ya know, I think you're ready for a bigger allowance.....just so ya can give more around christmas....cause ya know....your getting older and probably realize it's better to give....." and left

the NEXT DAY she was like "I was, ya know browsing around online and I came across a massage chair......I bookmarked it on my doesn't have a password on it.....I did that to ya know, let people get on when they need to. for certain things.....or items...." and I was like "mom?"
"you know christmas isn't until the end of next month right?"
"oh pshhht I knew that!"
"really mom you did?"
"just ya know, getting ready for the holiday computers unlocked......'nough said"

merry almost christmas!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

things I cannot wait for!



Saturday, November 14, 2009

fun post

comment only if:

you like squirrel monkeys

you watch cartoons on saturdays

you would jump and dance randomly

your favorite color is pink

you LOVE kittens

if you saw a cute stuffed animal you would go over and hug it

randomly hug a relative or family member

your favorite color is blue

your favorite earrings are hoop earrings

you like

if you looked up squirrel monkeys on google

you love sleepovers

(when you do comment mention which of these you picked, for fun =D)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

might get ears pierced!

so I'm a teenager.....and I've never had my ears pierced, supa weird isn't it?

basically I was too scared to get them when I was younger and used clip ons and stuff, but this year I'm doing all the things I'd never do, I'm makin it my special-e-est year

SO I might get my ears pierced around thanksgiving, so when you first get your ears pierced you get like, those studs that you keep in for about 6 weeks. so I was thinking silver earrings with aquamarine gemstone, or maybe silver earrings with turquoise gemstone, OR silver earrings with amethyst (purple) gemstone.

me, miss undecided, needs your help to help me choose what color lol. or your "opinions"

Jasmine THE GREAT! signing out

Sunday, November 8, 2009

bad movie!

so the movie THE BOX has a very bad ending.

so this movie starts off with the family going downhill with money. so this guy comes and gives them an offer, so they take it.

what they DON'T know is that it's a trick and baddd things happen (even santa clause is evil!) so then at the end they come to a choice they have to make. and the end is the most DEPRESSING! and it ends sadly. and the father and husband has to go to jail.

the main thing is this creepy guy (who's like possibly a god or something) is testing the people, that money isn't everything and doesn't buy happiness. people keep taking the offer of a million dollars and people keep.....ya know....passing away

let me tell ya it's depressing and if your a naturally happy person I would not recommend it. Jazzy when will you ever learn? movies like this aren't your thing.

also the sisters keeper, also depressing, it shows this girls whole life before she dies.

so I am NOT seeing anymore horror movies or sad ones. it leaves you on a bad note lol

poor poor snookems

so Kitty Lumpcious had to take a bath, he had that "what in the WORLD are you doing to me you freaky humans?!?!!?" face on. so then he was soaking wet, I put him in the sun and he started purring and licking himself

wet cats are almost as sad as boy's crying lol


today me and Kaysie are goin to the movies to see "the box" I'll tell you my review on it afterwards. I strangely found the commercials for the movie thrilling...well we'll see how it goes lol

me and Kaysie go to the same school yet we never see each other except home base, soo yeah!

I rock like rainbow chalk! lol

Saturday, November 7, 2009

guide to making friends

here are three ways you can go with makin friends:

scenario 1:
you: Hi, I'm (your name) what's yours?
person: STALKER!
you: wha??? I just wanted to know your name!
person: sure STALKER pretty soon you'll be staring at me in my sleep!
you: no! i don't even know where you live!
person: ahah! betcha WANT to know too! huh huh punk? don't cha!? I can FEEL it!
you: what? I just wanted to be FRIENDS!
person: OH! I get it
you: OKAY, so anyways, whats your fave color?

person: I get it PERFECTLY, you wanna be FRIENDS so you can get closer and then I'll tell where I live and your big starry eyes will stare upon me!
you: what are you TALKING about?!?
person: (goes into song) I'm at the grocery store and there you are just watchin' me, Pick up my clothes from the cleaners and look who I see
you: WHAT??
Your eyes must burn so bad 'cuz you haven't blinked
You and me will never be if that's what you think.
you: WHAT THE?!?!?!!?
Oh, you're such a stalker
But I'm not a believer,
In all the things that you stalk.

Stop watchin' me, stop watchin' me

Scenario 2:
you: Hi, I'm (your name) what's yours?
person: ....I'm am not aloud to answer that particular question of yours
you: umm...why not?
person: I'M NOT A ROBOT!
you: .....I never said you were
person: well good, because I'm not one.
you: soo...wanna hang out sometime?
person: I'm not charged yet
you: what?
person: I I I I'm not charged yet
you: is something wrong with you?
person: no no no no no I'm not charged yet
you: ....okay when will you be "charged"?
....I'm am not aloud to answer that particular question of yours
you: okay seriously, is something like, mentally wrong with you?
....I'm am not aloud to answer that particular question of yours
you: well what CAN you answer of mine??
person: I'm not charged yet yet yet yet
you: maybe I should just back away slowly now?
....I'm am not aloud to answer that particular question of yours

Scenario 3:
you:Hi, I'm (your name) what's yours?
person: your like, stupid
you: oh...why?
person: your like, so stupid I can't even understand what your saying
you: oh, I thought I was making sense...
person: no, your like, so stupid and gorilla like I can't like even, like stand to look at you
you: really? I didn't think I was that bad
person: seriously, it's like your a man or something
you: are you INSULTING me??
person: omg like, you so stupid it like took you this long, like todally for real
you: what??
person: your like half man half gorilla, and like, your hair looks like somebody like puked on it
you: WELL!
person: wells are for like, people who wish for something, I'd like say to wish to be like, a girl again
you: are you saying I'm HAIRY??
person: like, dude, like when was the last time you plucked your eyebrows? I'm like, todally not kidding
you: from a distance you looked nice....
person: boy, you need ta back away and like stop hassling me, like man.
you: YOUR hassling ME!
person: like seriously, like like seriously, like omg seriously, like todally seriously like for real, like seriously I'm serious.
you: I'm out of here...

let's just hope this doesn't happen to you when your making friends lol

(special song from stalker girl is called dreamer, it's from Hilary Duff)

Friday, November 6, 2009

my little world

what if you snapped your fingers and you appeared wherever you wanted

or what if you clicked your heels and time stopped and you could replace anything or anybody the way you wanted, or play barbies with the people. like lets say there's a popular girl. and she despises this nerd. what if time stopped and you could place them together, and then have the jocks with the weirdos and the regular people with the nerd group. and THEN take a mental picture. and THEN turn time back on and see every ones faces lol

what if you could fly and those really bad times where you have to drag your snow sled up a snowy hill with all your snow stuff on and your out of breath but then you fly and you make it to the top really fast to sled again, or what if you could sit on top of a really high tree, or get to a friends house by flying, or do somersaults in the air without getting hurt

these are the things I think

ice skating, my true love

who's your bf? ICE SKATING! that's who it is! we go great together lol

tomorrow I'm going ice skating with some friends, going skating with friends is like going to a carnival for me
I loveee ice skating, and I love when I improve, every year the ice seems more and more like off-ice, I have no jumbo monkey idea why people don't like it, maybe their not graceful type people, either that or their scared of the ice lol

well it IS ice, hard as rock ice....but it's like a TIGER you gotta tame it so it doesn't hurt you lol

ice skatin is ma thing, I even like it more THIS year then I did last year!

Jazzy Banana-

have you noticed?

it goes like this:

youngest sibling: the cute adorable one that gets his/her way, that the parents try to hang onto as long as possible, since it's their last and all

middle sibling: the closest to the youngest sibling (sometimes), is the good one and also the one stuck in the middle, the one who tries to keep the family together and is the peace maker

oldest sibling: the rebel, sometimes teases the youngest, most of the time is the one always getting into trouble

have you noticed it's a lot like this for all family's? I have no clue why being the second or third or first child changes things, but it DOES! weird huh? I sure think so

My special slideshow

here's ma special slide show I made (a little fuzzy with the music but oh wellll)


the post above it so cooleo because it reminds me of what I was going through, NOW I have some friends when I go ice skating (I take lessons and I never talked to anybody lol) and I go to school, and I talk to people there too

almost get a little teary eyed lol "wipes away fake tear"

report card!

so I got my report card! it's A's B's and 1 C, I'm very smartical indeed =D

and guess what? I like MATH! CALL THE AMBULANCE! lol
but it's just simple stuff like fractions and decimals, really easy. it's not like algebra or anything haha

but in the CLASS I'm very smarticalicous teehee


guess what peeps!? I go to school now! amaaazin right? but I like the the title homeschooled, cause I'm a homeschooler at heart <3 XD

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

weird IMs

so my friend Kaysie wanted me to accept her friend Lilly, so yeah and today some strange person IMed me and she/he was saying "we're best friends!" so I thought it was either Kaysie with a new IM name or just some person so I started playing along lol, it was fun til the person said disturbing things, so I asked Lilly if she knew the person and she said it was her cousin and I told her I blocked him/her cause I thought it was a strange person lol

I hope Lilly doesn't tell all her friends and cousins about me!

so rainy and foggy

I'm not the type of person who can handle so much rain and fog, Kaysie is fine with it, well at least for now, her mind is focused on her new kitten she's getting, and then she'll be playing with him and keeping her mind focused on him, so she's good for a couple weeks, which by then the sun might come out

it's been raining and foggy for around 23 days, UGH! I wish I could run after the fog and rain with my dad's meat clever and say "DIEEEE!!" and it'll run away

it feels like in my life right now I'm trying to squeeze through a pipe, with the rain and fog and also about darn SCHOOL, like the other day, I got all content thinking I'll have a warm bubble bath and do a pedicure to my feet like a me night, then I think about the carnivals coming up..........then school pops up in my head, and then I get all frustrated and confused, well! time to eat fish every night and work harder!

oh also listen to this song it's really pretty! it's by Zee Avi, I love her voice: HERE and this song too HERE

Friday, June 5, 2009

cartoon like blog

I made another blog that's of me playing this girl named Hannah, just made it for fun lol
like it's not real it's like a comedy blog I guess

so HERE IT TIS! go to it...I know you want to....: HERE

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me and Kaysidilla

it's so weird but we randomly find different things to do when we go down to the beach, like we throw sea-weed (or as I call it, Sea-junk, cause some of it isn't sea-weed and I have no idea what it is lol) at each other, made a giant SOS in the sand (mwahaha!) made a log go out to sea with a lot of lobster parts on it, Bury our feet in the sand so deep I was starting to panic lol, seeing how deep in the water we can go with shorts on, and a bunch of other things, we usually find 1 or more things to do every time we go down to the beach

summer is reallyy starting to come, for the past 2 days it was warm summery weather YAY! now there's a lot more to look forward to, the first thing that's coming up is seeing the movie UP in a 3D theater! WOOHOO!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

song reminds me of camp for some reason

never been to camp before, but this just reminds me of going to camp and having a happy smiley time the song is "black coffee in bed by squeeze" the lyrics do not go with camp lol, it's the tune

HAHA! should of seen the look on her face!

a while back we were at the beach and Kay was washing her hands off, and I was too, I came in first and saw a seaweed like thing and then when Kay came in I said "LOOK AN EEL!" and she was like "AAAA!!!" and jumped! hahaha!!


in yo face kays!!

HA! I went to rite aid and they had VANILLA FROSTING lip SPARKLER!
(that means it's better then gloss)
and it was SMACKERS! oh BURRRNNNN! so HAHA!

and it IS my color cause it's SHINEY and YUMMY smelling!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


11:11 is like when you're suppose to make a wish

but right now is 10:10 and it's officially MAKE A RANDOM POST MINUTE!

so here's a random post:

there was a gorilla named fred, and his friend rhino the platypus. one day the platypus
hit the gorilla with his tale and the gorilla was saddd, the platypus didn't care though
and went flying with a possum



so the UP movie came out yesterday and I went to see it today
soo I'm guessing not everyone has seen it yet, so here's a REVIEW for it

it's very heart-touching, it has a good beginning so it doesn't start off as a cranky old man in a house lol, also the very beginning there's a short cartoon, so after the cartoon is over don't worry, you're in the right theater, the movie starts right after

so they go on a big adventure, don't wanna give TOO much away

it only made me laugh a couple times, but I went with my dad and little brother Danny so maybe that's why? haha, although there's something very calming going places with my dad and Danny

so ANYWAYS the movie I give it 4 stars, it made my feet feel tingly when they were in the balloon house! and I recommend it, and even though it said it's a 3D movie, there's no 3D glasses waitin for ya at the theater, probably have to go to a 3D thingy-mic-bobby

so that's what I did today!
oh BTW I love their STUBBY FINGERS! and I like how the oldy guy's chin is completely flat, I don't think they even mentioned his name..I shall call him...GEORGE!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Poem

k Kays tell me if my poem skills have improved at all:

I walk over to my bike in the warm air, so comforting like a blanket
the sky so bright blue lush green grass

I put my sunglasses on and peddle down to the beach
smelling the new fresh air
waves sounding like nature song
I take my flip flops off, feel the sand, finding the urge to sing
walking over to the water, so refreshingly cold
as I peddle back, I see my kitty waiting for me
I walk over to the hammock and put him on my lap
rocking back and forth just like the waves
as I fall to sleep in this summer wonderland

I did this poem last minute lol

7 already??

omg it's 7:06!! oh I forgot one last random things about me:

26. I have the worlds longest attention span

really, it felt like just a couple minutes ago it was 3:00
it's DANGEROUS lol cause if I get caught up in something
like doing things for my blog I can stay on...and on....and on..

today was a very rainy dreary day so I couldn't go outside or down to the beach

my long attention span can come in handy though, like waiting in line for rides, waiting in line for anything, sitting in the car on a long road trip waiting to get wherever
and so really, I very VERY rarely say "I'm bored"
strange isn't it?

random things about me

I was inspired from this one blog so here's some random things about me!

1. I have a total of 27 nail polish's
2. I have 6 scratches I got from my kitty
3. I'm right-handed
4. my favorite color isn't BLUE it's AQUA < (Aqua)
5. my hair is a mood-ring
6. my eyes are not
7. I scratched my ipod gift card too I gotta get another one
8. there's a pigeon on the telephone pole gonna get burned-ed have no idea how that's about me lol
9. I have a pink computer XD and it has speical button you push to turn it on
10. my camcorder turns off every 2-3 minutes
11. I would like a new camcorder...and a new camera would be nice..
12. my birthday is February 1st WOOHOO 1#!
13. I like my birthstone
14. my half birthday is July 1st...I think
15. I would like to go to Hawaii VERY much
16. I love Tropical things
17. I like penguins and if someone asked what animal I'd like to be for a day I'd pick a penguin XD it would be so much fun sliding on your belly all day!
18. I would also like to go and stay in New York City and shop for a day
19. My Brother Devon just came in my room and is bugging me
20. he is sitting on my pillows and THAT MAKES ME MAD!
21. he knows that sitting on my pillows makes me mad
22. he's making a weird sound
23. he just called me a retard and left
24. wait he peeked her head back in and did the weird sound
25. now he left

well that's all! cya! and I luvv comments more then a Trix Rabbit like's cereal more then the wolf like's cookie crisp more then me loving Angel Schnumems! and THAT'S sayin somethin!

Maybe go to camp? new changes

I'm really trying to find different ways to make friends, when I was little I had around 8 and now it's down to my BFF cousin and my friend Mia so I'm thinking about going to a camp this summer, I'm ALSO even being open minded to school, but I SO don't act like a high schooler (if I ever went I'd go next year when I'm 15, or 14 going on 15) andd some other reasons, so I'd be going to middle school and Kaysie would be one grade under me! and also I think that if I went to middle school, I'd be one year older then the people there, so I don't think I'd have a big problem with the drama cause I'd be a year older lol! soo, camp is the first step, and the easiest, cause it's an all girl camp and all the counselors are really nice (kaysie went there last year and told me about it) it's also a week long camp and I haven't been away from home more than a day, but I think I might be able to do it.....well stay tuned!

what's in my bag...

here's what's in my bag: yeah there's a lot of stuff, I needed to clear it out also some of the stuff is for ice skating, I do that in the winter...but it no longer winter so yeah

in flowered mini pouch:
heart brush
kiss my face vanilla n ice lip balm
smackers celestial strawberry lip sparkler
burt's bees sun protecting lip balm with passion fruit

in bag:
cupcake money pouch
water bottle
3 pieces of sea glass (I collect)
emergency pair of socks (need two pairs for ice skating)
pink wool socks
blue gloves
extra wool socks striped
extra gloves white
red...thingy...that helps me with pulling my skate laces
ipod nano case
green ipod nano

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Awesome Nails!

here's a pic of my swirly nails XD

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what my mom will do for treats

so me, my dad and my mom were just walking downtown and my mom saw these CREATIVE donuts, she said "look at them! their so creative! so very creative! and colorful, yes very colorful" then my dad said "I suppose, okay lets go" then my mom said "lets just go in and STARE at their beauty!" so we went in and my mom started staring at them and I could of swore she was drooling, then my dad asked how much they were and since they were designer they cost maybe 10 9 or 8 dollars apiece and my dad said "what?! are you KIDDING? how do you sell them with a price like that?!" then my mom said "dear I have become aware of something." then my dad said "what?" then my mom said "I am hungry." then my dad said "okay lets go get some lunch" and then my mom said "for donuts" then my dad said "dear, their a lot for just one donut" then my mom said "but I would very much enjoy one, you know how I get when I need a donut" then I said "Dad just let mom have the darn donut" and then the people behind the desk nodded their heads, they probably haven't had any costumers for a while....then my dad said "no, lets go" then my mom said "your stinky Hubert." and then my dad said "now Diane don't act like a child" then my mom said "your stinky and I mean it Hubert, I deserved that donut"

yes, so don't get between my mom and treats (especially donuts)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

funny pictures

I have NO'S ideas what your talking about....

my mom's kitty

out of the 5 cats we have, my mom has a white Persian kitty she named Thumper, and it lays on her lap and purrs but if anyone gets close to Thumper it hisses well mostly me, and so one time I backed into her and she was like "HISSSSSSSSSSSS!! HISS!!! HISSSSS!!!!" and started arching it's back and then was like "meeOWWW!!!!! ROOOOEWWW!!!" and then tried to jump off my mom's dresser onto me, and let me tell ya if that fluffy Thumper got a hold of me I would be a goner.....I'm scared of Thumper now....

looks like Thumper exactly /\

bad luck with Clothes

I'm starting to realize i have bad luck with clothes...Mia dumped her chocolate sloppyness on my shirt, and Angel Kitty poo and peed on my clothes! AND this time too!

so I was just walking after it rained, when I tripped and landed in a huge mud spot! as I got up a little kid from across the street started laughing at me.

some day I will have revenge for that little boy.....mwahahaha!!

Summer is around the corner

Summer is coming up and I can't wait to get out of this rat hole of a school! (speaking of Rat holes I saved William again from my murderer of a dad, this time he saw William running across the yawn and went running after it like a wild cat who hasn't eaten in a week and he had a LAWN MOWER! and he was laughing evil-y!)

so...ahem...anyways, so summer is coming up and I can't wait! it's time to go to the pool, have drippy ice cream, and watch fat people do a cannon ball in the pool so big that it looks like a tsunami

yeahhhh, summer XD

BAD Booboo!

so I was sitting on my bean bag chair, when I realized I never gave Angel Pie food last night! so I ran down and put food in, he hissed at me, which I'm almost positive meant thank you, then I went to eat a fluffy chocolate hostess cupcake and watched TV, then went to my computer, Angel Shnuckems came in, walked over to my clean clothes peed on them and STARED at me while doing it, then got a big grin from ear to ear and did number 2! then tried to drag the clothes over to me so I could see what he did, then he hissed at me and left, my mouth was dropped open, I was gonna WEAR that top tomorrow! but now it was poo and pee on it! little fluffy Angel Boo Boo has a dark side......

/\ this is him looking incident when I'm telling my parents the story

guess who they believed?

so at school I was sitting eating my ham and cheese sandwich when these girls came over, it went like this:

girl 1: I don't like you
Me: *munch* what?
girl 1: I don't like you or your hair
Me: *munch munch* I'm chewing one second
girl 2: you talk weird, your hair smells
Me: *swollow* did you just say my hair smells?
girl 3: bad
girl 1: I don't like the way you turn your head
Me: um?
girl 3: you have a lumpy back
girl 2: and it smells like your head
Me: I have to eat, can you leave?
girl 1: you eat weirdly
Me: I haven't even started eating yet!
girl 2: that's cause your scared to
Me: *start eating, get up and walk to another table, they follow*
girl 1: you walk funny
girl 2: I hate what your wearing
girl 3: you hate animals, I can tell
girl 1: BUURRNNN!
girl 2: yes, burn her hair cause it reaks
Me: guys?
girl 1: she's blind she called us guys
girl 2: blind people smell funny
Me: GUYS GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
girl 1: your mean
girl 2: you stink
girl 3: wanna be friends?
Me: but you just said you didn't like me....

ya know what? I think THEIR lumpy!I think they walk like UGLY TOADS! so ha! and HA!

Me and Mia

my friend Mia and me went to get ICE CREAM! woohoo!! when we got there, there was a bee hive on the roof, and so we just got our ice cream, I got mint chocolate chip and she got chocolate mouse tracks with hot fudge and with 3 oreo's on the top, then as we were leaving a bee came down maybe a couple feet away from Mia, but she dropped her ice cream n got it all over me and went RUNNING!

RUNNING like a WILD CHICKEN I'm telling you! if I didn't tell her it was never chasing her she would of went in the road!

Monday, May 25, 2009

quick look inside my little life

I'm not your average makeup loving-boy obsessed-cell phone addicted teenager, I'm the complete opposite, okay, maybe I love makeup once in a whileee, but I'm serious about the other things!

I have ma mommy, and dad, and 5 cats, oh! and a rat that lives under our house, I stopped my dad from killing it with a meat cleaver! and the multiple times he put rat poisoning near the house and even dug a hole under the house to put one down in there

I named him William, and he is my little mousy. but you know who I love more? my KITTY CAT! we got him at the animal shelter and he was the adorably skittish cat in the corner, I almost couldn't get to him because all the annoying lovey kittys! when he hissed at me it was love at first sight!

(he tried to get our picnic food that night, he does not look very pleased I interrupted him, if I never went downstairs to get some water we would have had a little problem on our hands)

his name is Angel Boo Boo! (yes, sadly it's a boy, I didn't know when we got him at the shelter that it was a boy!) but no matter what, he's still my Angel Cakes!

then there's my parents, and my soon to move out older brother Devon, my younger brother Danny, and my mom is a bake loving freak (don't tell her I said that, I said it once to her and she said "no...I'm....not...don't ask stupid questions" started to do this thing with her eyes, really creepy, I thought she was having a seizure!) my just there...but we love him anywayz!