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Friday, April 30, 2010


sometimes, my friend, you'll run into people that are so boring that you start feeling the bags under your eyes form from talking to them lol. Like this new girl that came a couple months ago to my school. Here's our conversation:

Me: Hi! I'm Jasmine, lotta people call me Jazz though, what's yours?
Girl: Claire
Me: cool, do you have nicknames?
Girl: No
Me: oh, so what do you like to do?
Girl: I donno, computer programming
Me: cool! what else do you like to do?
Girl: designing
Me: Cool haha, do you like to design for anybody else?
Girl: No
Me: hah, so what exactly do you like doing about it?
Girl: *shrugs* I donno
Me: I should probably tell you something about me, I like skiing, do you like it?
Girl: No
Me: Do you like winter? I love snowball fights
Girl: No
Me:.........*looks around*


Me: Um, Claire. Thats the fire alarm.
Girl: Oh.

oh sure, THEN she gets a personality lol

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our little convo

So me and Rebecca (a girl from my school) were talking about how much we loveeee summer, here's how it went:

Rebecca: I can't WAIT til summerrr!
Me: Omg! Me.too!
Rebecca: I know, the beach
Me: Bikeriding
Rebecca: ice cream
Me: painting toe nails
Rebecca: flip flopss
Me: yeah, and painting toe nails
Rebecca: oh! and the warm weather OF COURSE
Me: yeah! and painting toe nails....
Rebecca: and no homework
Me: and Llamas
Rebecca: .......Llamas?
Me: of COURSE! and let's not forget possums!
Rebecca: are we still on the same page?
Me: we were talking about summer weren't we?
Rebecca: yeah........anyways, oh! and water balloon fights
Me: yeah and lemonade
Rebecca: and warm sunsets
Me: and Squirrel monkeys....
Rebecca: Jazz. What are you talking about?
Me: we were talking about slumber partys weren't we?
Rebecca: What the hay! and chubby little kids...
Me: omg YEAH! and Lepercons...

that's basically how it went, lol

Sunday, April 25, 2010

School BLAH!

I go to school, even though my banner says "homeschooled" haha, I was until the homeschool group got really small...So anyways, school is a real snoozer, especially middle school. I would not recommend it, lol.

Sometimes it's like a prison, if you go out of line, they push you back (A.k.a detention) they also try to teach you life lessons, such as not to be so forgetful, but COMMON everyone is sometimes aren't they? You also get a couple minutes to run around outside before they gather you together to go back into jailOH I mean middle school....teehee, but this is my last year.

So just think happy sunshine and rainbows and summer will come riding on a pony towards me in the sunrise!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do you ever wonder?

I always wonder, what would happen if I walked up to a random person to say something random to their face? Well, I was wondering, so I tried it out!

So I saw this old lady walking along and I slowly headed towards her, she didn't start seeming a little alert until I got pretty close........lets just say it went like this:

*Old lady sprays me with pepper spray*
Me: AAA!!

I don't think I'll try that again....

driving me INSANE!

I love this song, it gives me tingly feelings inside but I have NO idea whats it called! So I can't find the lyrics to sing along....If anyone knows this song can you tell me the name of it?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ma rap!

Here's a rap I made, oh yeah!

Yeah, Yeah
I met this banana Greg
he had a peg leg
and so I wanted to beg
to be a egg
to turn into a chicken
but he said no
he had to go
but he fell in a hole and went down low
so I wanted to say Hi
but he passed it by
cause he was shy
and didn't want to die
I walked away
and to my dismay
I looked up, saw a unicorn
I tried to say hey
but he had to go, said he had an essay
but I said no, wanted to do ballet
so we danced on the walkway
everyday, until his birthday
we both shouted hurray!
until a possum came by
he said hey you!
let's ride in a canoe
I said no, I had the flu

and he said

....................This is why I'm not a

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have some very weird people in my classes.......very strange....

so I walk into my classroom, and a kid starts staring at me from a corner, and not that I-wanna-talk-to-you stare. It was a I-haven't-slept-in-ages-and-don't-be-surprised-if-I-show-up-at-your-window-at-night stare. So I just ignored it and sat down. Then I look to my right and I see a boy looking at his armpit followed up by picking his nose and farting.....4 times.

And then there's this kid who asks so many questions that I swear the teachers literally would jump out the nearest window. They go:

Science class:
"So if a planet was to hit earth, we would have about a 100% chance of, not, living."
kid: "Wait, so we couldn't live?"
"yes, we couldn't live?"
"yes, that tis right."
"What if we had a boat, could we live then?"
"no, I'm certain that we could not."
"What if we held our breath?"
"for, the amount of ocean water flooding the planet due to the planet hitting earth, we would certainly not be able to hold our breath that long, it tis not humanly possible."
"But what if you went around to the other side of the world?"
"why not?"
"the impact of this enormous planet would certainly impact the whole earth."
"What if you flew out of the planet and onto the moon?"
"you wouldn't have time"
"why not?"
"For one thing, the moon does not have proper air to breath on, if you didn't die on earth you would die on the moon."
"what if I had a mask?"
"you wouldn't be able to put it on in time and leave this planet before the mass effected the entire earth."
"What if I DID though?"
"If the earth was destroyed you would have no where to go, therefore you would only be able to live by how much air was in your space suit"
"What if I buried myself underground, and then when it was over come out?"
"With the intense hit of the other planet, it would last very long, and due to how long it would last you would not be able to stay underground long enough"
"What if-"