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Friday, May 29, 2009

Maybe go to camp? new changes

I'm really trying to find different ways to make friends, when I was little I had around 8 and now it's down to my BFF cousin and my friend Mia so I'm thinking about going to a camp this summer, I'm ALSO even being open minded to school, but I SO don't act like a high schooler (if I ever went I'd go next year when I'm 15, or 14 going on 15) andd some other reasons, so I'd be going to middle school and Kaysie would be one grade under me! and also I think that if I went to middle school, I'd be one year older then the people there, so I don't think I'd have a big problem with the drama cause I'd be a year older lol! soo, camp is the first step, and the easiest, cause it's an all girl camp and all the counselors are really nice (kaysie went there last year and told me about it) it's also a week long camp and I haven't been away from home more than a day, but I think I might be able to do it.....well stay tuned!


Kaysie Violet said...

oh my god, my yoyo, u should totally go-go. lol..

ily lots like jellytots