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Monday, May 25, 2009

quick look inside my little life

I'm not your average makeup loving-boy obsessed-cell phone addicted teenager, I'm the complete opposite, okay, maybe I love makeup once in a whileee, but I'm serious about the other things!

I have ma mommy, and dad, and 5 cats, oh! and a rat that lives under our house, I stopped my dad from killing it with a meat cleaver! and the multiple times he put rat poisoning near the house and even dug a hole under the house to put one down in there

I named him William, and he is my little mousy. but you know who I love more? my KITTY CAT! we got him at the animal shelter and he was the adorably skittish cat in the corner, I almost couldn't get to him because all the annoying lovey kittys! when he hissed at me it was love at first sight!

(he tried to get our picnic food that night, he does not look very pleased I interrupted him, if I never went downstairs to get some water we would have had a little problem on our hands)

his name is Angel Boo Boo! (yes, sadly it's a boy, I didn't know when we got him at the shelter that it was a boy!) but no matter what, he's still my Angel Cakes!

then there's my parents, and my soon to move out older brother Devon, my younger brother Danny, and my mom is a bake loving freak (don't tell her I said that, I said it once to her and she said "no...I'm....not...don't ask stupid questions" started to do this thing with her eyes, really creepy, I thought she was having a seizure!) my just there...but we love him anywayz!