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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

weird IMs

so my friend Kaysie wanted me to accept her friend Lilly, so yeah and today some strange person IMed me and she/he was saying "we're best friends!" so I thought it was either Kaysie with a new IM name or just some person so I started playing along lol, it was fun til the person said disturbing things, so I asked Lilly if she knew the person and she said it was her cousin and I told her I blocked him/her cause I thought it was a strange person lol

I hope Lilly doesn't tell all her friends and cousins about me!

so rainy and foggy

I'm not the type of person who can handle so much rain and fog, Kaysie is fine with it, well at least for now, her mind is focused on her new kitten she's getting, and then she'll be playing with him and keeping her mind focused on him, so she's good for a couple weeks, which by then the sun might come out

it's been raining and foggy for around 23 days, UGH! I wish I could run after the fog and rain with my dad's meat clever and say "DIEEEE!!" and it'll run away

it feels like in my life right now I'm trying to squeeze through a pipe, with the rain and fog and also about darn SCHOOL, like the other day, I got all content thinking I'll have a warm bubble bath and do a pedicure to my feet like a me night, then I think about the carnivals coming up..........then school pops up in my head, and then I get all frustrated and confused, well! time to eat fish every night and work harder!

oh also listen to this song it's really pretty! it's by Zee Avi, I love her voice: HERE and this song too HERE