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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just thinking

Have you ever had friends who did horrible things to you? Well, before I met Kaysie I sure had a lot of them!

I had about 13 friends, out of these my first best friend was Sharlett, we would eat animal crackers and play in mud. But then she spit in my face and push mud into it.....I didn't like her after that

Olivia was my next best friend, we were about 7 then, we would hug a lot and go to the lake, but I was just learning to swim without my goggles, and she pushed me off the dock and into the water. I was scared of her after that

Riannah was my friend I had at 9, she was the first friend I took to a concert, plus the longest best friend I had. But one day she started to change and began realizing she was super duper pretty, so then she turned snotty, then she turned bratty, then she lied and spoke behind my back.....and it was downhill from there

Rebecca was pretty decent though, super annoying, but decent, although we were never really close, but just like my first best friend, she shoved mud into my face and that was pretty much it with her.

Kaysie came along around middle school, she was the nicest I've ever met. I remember one time it was recess and I wanted to have a best friend to hang around with. She must of read my mind because she got up from sitting down with her big group of friends with a lollipop in her mouth, came over, and offered me one. We had so much in common and talked the whole time. Then I played tag with her and her friends.
She's surely a keeper, she's like one of those friends everybody wants. Nice, outgoing enough to help you challenge yourself, honest, supporting.
We're like sisters, but not as bratty as they get towards each other. Although we do get into eachothers hair....

this is one of my favorite sayings, it's so sweet!


Lilly Era said...

wow! that's horrible! I'm sorry!

Lilly Era said...

btw, if you have another contest i want to enter

Eden said...

Wow. I have had a similar expirience.
I have been homeschooled since kindergarten, but started classes in 1st grade. My first friend was a girl named Mikayla, then a girl named Kaitlin started being all bratty to me and stole my friend. But now we are really close! She stopped being mean to me after about 4 weeks of it.

Eden said...

Also, I have a new blog that you might like! Here is the link to it :)

Jasmine said...

to Lilly Era, I'm not planning on a contest soon, but if I do I'll be happy for you to be in mine!

to Eden, yeah, when people get jealous, crazy things will happen haha. Glad your all friends now!
cool new blog by the way!

Eden said...


Btw, I was wondering, what does Kaysie look like? You post about her and even have a widget about her. I would very much like to know :)