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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures of Natalie

So Natalie (the foreign exchange person from Norway) is still here....not to be mean or anything but she smells like a pig who rolled around in cow manure and really old milk and then got cooked. She insists on not bathing, she says they don't too much in where she's from in Norway, Oh! and speaking of cooking. She um, cooked something this morning.

It started with me waking up and Mr love love fluffakins licking my face, then I smell something HORRIBLE I almost gagged! I thought it was my little fluffy kittys rear end...but when he left the smell was still there, so I got my nose plug out of my swim gear bag and went downstairs and um, saw Natalie cooking something

and I asked her "Do you want me to open some windows? There's a reallyyy stinky smell in here" and she said "What? I don't smell anything, nothing except the smell of freshly carved mice"
"Well, you sound surprised, all it is is mice silly"
"It smells like a pigsty in here!"
"Really? thank you!"
"What else do you cook?!?? rabbits? horses? guinia pigs?"

"Hahaha! of course not! I would need my father to help me if I did those, but they are quite delicous, but frogs are equally as yummy, I'm planning to catch one this evening"
"are you CRAZY?! Next your gonna say your ancestors ate humans or something!"
"Um...well.......I don't personally....I like to talk to them ancestors had um...lets say different opinions on that"

And then I ran to the bus.....and called my mom on my cell phone:

"Hi whats up Jasmine?"
"The foriegn exchange person wants to eat me...."
"wants to what??"
"Mommy.....I'm scared out of my brains..."

I think Ms Natalie is going home soon....very....very...soon


Eden said...

Wait, ok, I'm confused. Are you saying that her ancistors DID eat humans, or that she did eat humans and that she's a canabole?

Eden said...

You know, now that I think about it, your life is pretty crazy. NOT IN A BAD WAY!!!

Eden said...

WAIT!!!!!!!!! I just caought something. Your on Summer vacation! So you couldn't have went on your schools bus unless they were working on the bus during summer to! Now, I'm really confused. Lay it all out for me will ya'?

Diary Owner said...
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Jasmine said...

Haha yeahh no, she said her ancestors did, thank goodness it wasn't her! I'd be as scared as a cow next to a alligator!

and I meant car lol, my dad brings me to work in the morning

Eden said...

You... work? Wel, what do ya' do? Sell burgers? Or better yet, I bet you have the same job as Natalie in her country! Selling carved mice!

CupCake Girl said...

Eww! Ok good luck! Ok and get her to shower that is not normal!

Jasmine said...

to eden: I work part time at this little coffee shop, they have these things called mocha loca's. It's coffee and chocolate togetherr yumm =D I have one with these truffles every now and then