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Friday, May 21, 2010

Foreign Exchange...sort of

So from now until early summer we are having this girl named Natalie that's come from Norway......She's....well, she's a decent person, but, um. Well just see how the first conversation with her went when we were at the airport.....

Me: Hi! are you Natalie?
Natalie: um, I'm pretty sure I am.
Me: Are you sure? haha, don't want to bring home the wrong Natalie! haha
Natalie: OH MY GOODNESS! oh please please don't leave me at the airport! It's cold and dingy and reminds me of my grandfathers slaughter house!
Me: hah, don't worry, I've seen pictures, I know it's you.
Natalie: What??? how did you get pictures? why, I didn't send any pictures! Is that what they do in America? spy on people? oh my!!
Me: Natalie! it's fine, my teacher gave me some. I think you got some of our family too
Natalie: what do they learn at your school? 10 + 10?
Me: No, we learn algrebra
Natalie:........what's al-gr-bra?
Me: oh great googlymoogly.
my dad: SO, have you ever killed a mouse before? I just killed about 3 the other day, very satisfying, especially right after!
Me: 3 mice??? GEORGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natalie: oh yes yes, what did you put on them afterwards?
my dad: um.....what do you mean?
Natalie: salt, pepper, chicken grease?
my dad: do you EAT them??
Natalie: well of course silly, what a simply dumb thing to do just to kill them and not get tempted by their furry whiskers and button nose....yummmm. Oh and we use a nicely sharpened knife the size of about...of about....those two policemen heads. It's so delicious when we--

this is not gonna turn out well.....


Eden said...

Uhm, okay, that is gross.

Lilly Era said...

you're kidding right? you have to be! thats-thats-Eck!

Jess said...

ahahaha :')
ah well. at least you've got someone entertaining with you for a while...