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Sunday, April 25, 2010

School BLAH!

I go to school, even though my banner says "homeschooled" haha, I was until the homeschool group got really small...So anyways, school is a real snoozer, especially middle school. I would not recommend it, lol.

Sometimes it's like a prison, if you go out of line, they push you back (A.k.a detention) they also try to teach you life lessons, such as not to be so forgetful, but COMMON everyone is sometimes aren't they? You also get a couple minutes to run around outside before they gather you together to go back into jailOH I mean middle school....teehee, but this is my last year.

So just think happy sunshine and rainbows and summer will come riding on a pony towards me in the sunrise!


Eden said...

Ha! You think that as soon as you get out of middle school it is going to be easy?!?!?! You are in a fantasy girl! Trust me, I am ahead in some stuff and when you are in high school, the drama, bullies, and school work will have just begun. But when you are in high school you are going to think that after words everything will be ok, and you will be under rainbows riding ponies all day! NOT! After high school you get a job, move out, get audits! Trust me, you are never going to get a break. Sorry for bursting your bubble. I was just telling you to get ready for the drama of your life. XOXO

Jasmine said...

I agree with you on homework, I KNOW I'm gonna have tons when I hit high school. Although I don't think I'm going to be kicked out of my house RIGHT after high school Haha

Kaysie.Love <3 said...

Wow, Eden, honey, please don't talk to my girl like your older than her, I know for a fact she is older than you, and you have no right to be rude like that to someone older than you, okay? Not cool.

Eden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eden said...

Okay "Kaysie," I wasn't trying to be mean or rude. And second, don't you dare talk to me like that. Look, I was just telling her what I already know. Plus, Don't try and start this into a fight okay? I was just trying to fightell HER what I already know. NOT trying to be offensve. Enjoy your day! :)

(U 2 Jazz)

P.S. Jazz, I think your right about not getting kicked out thing! I would not enjoy it if my parents said "Okay Congradulations! Your are done with High school! Now get out." HA!