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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our little convo

So me and Rebecca (a girl from my school) were talking about how much we loveeee summer, here's how it went:

Rebecca: I can't WAIT til summerrr!
Me: Omg! Me.too!
Rebecca: I know, the beach
Me: Bikeriding
Rebecca: ice cream
Me: painting toe nails
Rebecca: flip flopss
Me: yeah, and painting toe nails
Rebecca: oh! and the warm weather OF COURSE
Me: yeah! and painting toe nails....
Rebecca: and no homework
Me: and Llamas
Rebecca: .......Llamas?
Me: of COURSE! and let's not forget possums!
Rebecca: are we still on the same page?
Me: we were talking about summer weren't we?
Rebecca: yeah........anyways, oh! and water balloon fights
Me: yeah and lemonade
Rebecca: and warm sunsets
Me: and Squirrel monkeys....
Rebecca: Jazz. What are you talking about?
Me: we were talking about slumber partys weren't we?
Rebecca: What the hay! and chubby little kids...
Me: omg YEAH! and Lepercons...

that's basically how it went, lol


Eden said...

Why were you just shouting out randome stuff?!?!? You sounded like Lilly! (Lilly is the girl that follows your blog. I know her from my school)

Secret Agent said...

LOL you're so funny! Reminds me of me & my friends conversations. ^.^

Lilly Era said...

OMG! Eden, you know i read these too! and yes, yes, i do do that. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?! lol! PICKLE HAMBURGERS!!!!!!! AND SPACE GRANDMOTHERS! AND GREEN BURPS! AND...AND...GABLOOGABLOOGA!!!

Check out my Blog!!!!!!! :P thank you so very much..and umm....Banana!

Eden said...

Yes Lilly. I do know that you read this stuff to. I don't really care because I am telling the truth! LOL